Is Gacha animator real?

We create our own gacha

 All fans of the genre are well aware of such applications as Gacha Life or Gacha Club. They are built on the same idea. Users create and share characters and act out a variety of scenes. In some parts, the authors also added a role-playing element. Nevertheless, creativity is the main thing that fans of the series love! And the built-in editor allowed a lot, but not everything. In particular, animating characters is not easy. Now this problem is solved! You can download Gacha Animator to your computer and create the best animations and poses for your characters. All this can be saved and exported

Briefly about the application

There are several handy applications for creating animations. In particular, you can remember FlipaClip or Draw Cartoons. These programs will allow beginners to create their first cartoons without much knowledge on the subject. However, if you are interested in a specific topic – in particular, gacha – then it is better to choose a more specialized solution. And now we have such a solution!

The Gacha Animator editor

The Gacha Animator editor has recently been released, which is created especially for lovers of this theme. Here you can create your character using a powerful and detailed editor, in which you can already spend a lot of time. Create a character, give him a name and describe the character – after that you can go to the editor of poses and animations! Of course, your hero should not disappear at the end of the session. So you can save it and import it! After that, share your creation with your friends and see what they have done. It is noteworthy that the editor is still at the beta stage, but it already has many useful features. You can download Gacha Animator on PC and see for yourself. The author apologizes in advance for possible bugs and clarifies that this is not the final version yet. Well, it remains only to wish the developer good luck – after all, the program is really very useful! And a few bugs can be forgiven.

How to use

 The interface of the program is very simple and minimalistic. On the main page, you will see three items: character creation, pose editor and animation. You should start with the creation of a hero – this item is at the very bottom. Without a character, you simply have nothing to work with, so let’s go to the editor!

There is already a ready-made gacha template from which you can push off. Next, you can change the hairstyle, colors, clothing, and more. Thanks to this, it is possible to create a large number of a wide variety of characters. And to give them individuality, indicate a bright name and description: character, biography and any other information. All this can be saved and exported!

 Gacha Animator

 Thus, you can create several heroes at once. After that, they will become available in other sections – you can create poses and animations for them! This is done very simply. Go to the poses section and turn the sliders. There is no Russian language here yet, but by the effect you can always understand what movement this or that setting is responsible for. Through trial and error, you can set the desired pose by choosing the position of the arms and legs, the type of eyes, facial expressions and the rotation of the character. The result is also easily saved and imported in png format.

We act in a similar way in the case of creating animations. It’s about the same sliders, but you can mark when they take effect on the timeline. Just drag the arrow to the desired moment and then turn the slider. By clicking on Play, you will see how the change in position will work at the right time – and the action will be animated!

 Gacha Animator

In such a simple way, you can, for example, create the process of running your hero, facial expressions of surprise and much more – everything that is enough for imagination! Of course, your labors should not be forgotten. You will be able to save the animation and export it. As you can see, the application already looks very useful and interesting. But it’s still only beta! Probably, the author will still finalize his product and add new features. But what is there is already interesting!

What you need to know

The program’s user interface is clean and uncluttered. It is possible to create a new character, edit poses, and animate them all from the main menu. You should begin by creating a hero, which is at the bottom of the list. You have nothing to work with if you don’t have a character, so let’s head to the editor! To get you started, there is a pre-made gacha template that you may use. To further customize your character, you can alter their hairstyles, clothing, and more.

This allows for the creation of a vast number of characters from a wide range of backgrounds. To make them stand out, offer them a unique name and description, such as their character, biography, or other relevant details. There is a way to preserve and export all of this!

Animator of Gacha

This means that you can construct multiple heroes at the same time. After that, you will be able to add postures and animations to them in various parts. This is a simple process.

Turn the sliders in the postures section. It’s too early to learn Russian, but you can always tell by the movement that a particular setting causes by looking at the result.

In order to achieve the appropriate stance, you can experiment with the positioning of arms and legs, the type of eyes, facial expressions, and the character’s orientation. Because it is in png format, you can save and import it with no problems at all. When it comes to making animations, we all do the same thing. On the timeline, you may mark the time when the sliders take effect. Drag the slider to the appropriate position and then turn the arrow.

Clicking Play will allow you to observe how the positional shift will occur just when you expect it to and in real time!

Animator of Gacha

It is possible to construct, for example, the process of your hero rushing, as well as facial emotions of surprise, in such an easy-to-follow manner!We should not forget what you have done. You may save and export the animation.As you can see, the app has a lot of potential and already looks great.But it’s just a beta version!It’s likely that the author will continue to work on and improve his product.In any case, the subject matter is already intriguing!

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