Among Us – Fat Imposter MOD

So have you ever wanted to eat so much food and get fat among us so you can fart and jump around the world? try out a brand new Among Us Fat Food Mod where you can be the big fat one among us or a giant impostor and do some fun stuff in the game! you can eat food, get bigger, sit on people, burp all over the place, ride and more! become a fat role among us where you are bigger and fatter than other teammates. you can have 4 unique abilities and everyone will get the same skills. The Fat Among Us mod is one of the weirdest mods you’ll ever play, but yes, it’s worth it. just like other teammates you want to eat as much food and calories as possible and then you can use those calories for 4 special abilities like fart, sit on people, crush teammates and make them sleep. and being the fat impostor among us, you want to steal all their food and calories in order to instantly kill all the crew members.

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