Among Us Logic: Fat Imposter…

When the show begins, Veteran can be heard shouting for aid from a vent in the background.

Off camera, he recounts his journey to this point.

It then cuts to Gnome and Engineer, who are fleeing while Player tries to kill one of them to win the game, Ventilation was activated, trapping the two of them.

Gnome shut the door to give Engineer time to make “quick calculations” to locate a way out while the door was unlocked. Engineer and Gnome arrived at the other side just as Player opened the door after multiple failed efforts.

As Player was plummeting through the air, he complained about how he had lost yet again due to a cheat. The next thing he knew, he was strapped into the driver’s seat of a speeding, hoodless car being piloted by Veteran. The next scene reveals the brand-new Mr. Cheese’s restaurant, which has just opened its doors. BDay and Rose, who were in a separate car with Veteran, were also waiting in line behind him. Player justified his mood to Veteran by saying that the system undergoes some form of adjustment every week.

When Mr. Cheese noticed Player feeling under the weather and suggested that he buy his food so that Player could get better, Veteran refused, citing his lactose intolerance as his reason.

It’s only a matter of time before both Mr. Cheese and Cheddar start bragging about their new executive chef. Veteran decided to return to the Airship to play one more bout now that he was feeling better.

Player and Veteran spawn in the Cargo Bay in the next game. Veteran is accused by the player of downloading a different mod. In the middle of his speech, he is killed by the Veteran, and he tries to tell the Kitchen about it, but he becomes bogged down. However, when he comes to assist Veteran and sees Player’s body, PoopyFarts attempts to report it. In order to help Veteran get through the vent, Mr. Cheese kills PoopyFarts with his cheese. To put Cheese Louise out of business, Mr. Egg plans on opening his own restaurant in the Kitchen. He walks over and samples some of Mr. Egg’s burgers after hearing him speak. After that, he makes threats on Mr. Egg’s life and rushes after him, his pace hindered by the sheer volume of burgers he just consumed.. This information comes from Gnome.

Gnome claims that when she discovered the bodies of PoopyFarts and Player, as well as Engineer, she exclaimed “It’s time for Engie!


Veteran begins pepper-grinding on Mr. Egg after he accuses him of being a fake.

Mr. Cheese puts the blame on Commander, and Veteran agrees, claiming that as the Airship’s captain, he has responsibility for whatever occurs (as he smears butter on Mr. Egg).

While Gnome accuses Veteran of being the culprit, Captain counters that Veteran was only gushing about how awesome and vital he is! Captain, according to the Veteran, has committed all of the airship killings (as he cooks Mr. Egg). Gnome’s displeasure is evident as Captain agrees and votes himself out of the running. It was the most typical game the player had played in a long time, they said.


To paraphrase Mr. Cheese, “Ah cheese here we go again” is a reference to “ah shrimp here we go again” from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. It’s the first time, compared to previous episodes, that Player is the one who dies first rather than the last.

This character’s mouth is the second to be given to him. Captain was the first.

“What the?” was the next thing Player said. There is a chorus of honking coming from the sky cars.

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