Ayato Is Going To Be BROKEN… Unless This Happens (Genshin Impact)

Here’s what I think you could be missing out on when considering Kamisato Ayato!
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About this video:

Same old question but different topic – is Ayato good or is Ayato worth it? Well, how can you be asking these questions when all we have is a single .png of Ayato shared by Hoyoverse, hmmm 🙂 ?

Still, you’d be surprised that even without looking up any of the Ayato leaks, there’s still a lot of things that you need to consider about this new Hydro character! Things like Ayato skills or Ayato gameplay aren’t what matter here – it’s advanced topics like Hydro application, the type of role and utility we can hope Ayato will bring to Genshin Impact!

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Genshin Impact

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