Is Raiden Shogun Rerun Worth It? 15 HONEST THINGS To Consider! (Genshin Impact)

Raiden Shogun rerun is coming in 2.5 and I want to talk about her biggest strengths, weaknesses and questions everyone has about her!

In this video, I go over 15 things to consider for the upcoming Raiden Shogun rerun banner in 2.5 Genshin Impact, which is estimated to show up around March 9th, 2022 since this Raiden Shogun rerun banner is going to be on the second phase of the 2.5 update.

I go through many different things like C0 Raiden potential, how strong is C2 Raiden, C0 vs C2 Raiden Shogun and much more. (one of the considerations also cover Engulfing Lightning and the weapon’s importance and should you go for Engulfing Lightning or C2 Raiden)

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