Don’t miss out on these 10 awesome Inazuma secrets!
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In this video, you will see top 10 secrets of Inazuma which is a massive new zone introduced in Genshin Impact 2.0 update. In this video I quickly go over each one of them and tell you the best secret Genshin Impact has to offer in each segment. Look no further than here for the Inazuma Secrets Genshin Impact style! (otherwise known as Genshin Impact 2.0 secrets or Genshin Impact Inazuma secrets)

miHoYo official interactive map for those pesky Naku Weeds & more:

The secrets shown in the video with full solution:

Luxurious on Unmarked Island
180k Mora Chest in Tea House!
Precious Chest Inazuma City location
Hidden Achievement “Fine, I’ll Do It Myself” when fighting Primo Geovishap (newly added in 2.0!)
Rest in Peace achievement and all sword hilt locations
Talent Domain Island Break all jars and spawn samurai boss
4 Chests that can be dug up (thanks to community effort!)
Yasumoto Treatment on the Island and follow-up secret to sacrifice Naku Weed for chests
The Ritou Road Secret Quest
Sinister Instruction Secret Quest and Hollow Soul achievement

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