These are the Top 5 Teams in Genshin Impact based on the player data!
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In this video, we review all the best and most popular teams in Genshin Impact. All of these teams have been tested and built specifically for this video and they are based on the latest 1.5 Spiral Abyss data from the CN community.

Check out some of these awesome teams, featuring Xiao and an unlikely ally of Geo team mates or the F2P Team that nearly anyone can build if they played the game long enough. This video also includes the most popular weapons choices for each team so you can know exactly what the playerbase is using to beat the toughest Spiral Abyss stages!

The following data has been used to create this video: (The latest 1.5 Spiral Abyss data usage from NGA forums) (Previous 1.4 data used for cross-referencing, requires hoYoLab CN account) (1.4 Spiral Abyss data visualized from NGA forums)

Genshin Impact is an open-world gacha game that’s available on PC, PS4, Switch and mobile devices (iOS & Android). Genshin Impact features fast gameplay with best RPG elements in an action packed setting.

Genshin Impact

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