MapleStory M Beginner’s Guide – 5 Steps How To Relive Your Nostalgia

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We have decided to partner up with MapleStory M because we believe it’s a great mobile MMO game that can be enjoyed by everyone, especially those who have played the original MapleStory.

We created this video to help out any beginner MapleStory M player so they can focus on the most important aspects of the game and this MapleStory M guide teaches all the essential tips and tricks to relive your nostalgia!

MapleStory M is a mobile MMO game that has puzzle solving, humor and most importantly – awesome characters to level up!

This is a mobile MMORPG game that is based on the original MapleStory online game which was originally released on PC and is still available and updated even to this day.

All the gaming montage produced by Gacha Gamer.
Audiovisual footage belongs to MapleStory M and MapleStory (including the background music).


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