Summer Gacha Games 2020 in a Nutshell

Check out these 20+ gacha games that came out in Summer, 2020!
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In this video, we’re going to review all the gacha games that got released in Summer 2020. So get ready to buckle up, because in 10 minutes, we’re going to blaze through more than 20 mobile gacha games.

The first month of summer was a busy one – Romancing SaGa re;univerSe being the most notable release. Most gacha games like to take the route with either fancy 2D graphics or 3d models to make the game feel more alive – Romancing SaGa instead went for the old-school approach of pixel models and catchy 90’s music.

Another classic spin-off called Ragnarok Tactics came out with their own version of hero / monster collecting. From your typical elements of a gacha game, the combat was the most notable one – you can set movement direction for your units before the battle begins so create pincer tactics finally became a reality for some.

The second game, surprisingly, was Fallout Shelter Online, a sequel to the original one. Although calling it a sequel is a little far fetched but it did introduce a number different features, including a gacha system to collect famous characters from various series, most notable being Fallout 4.

For July of anime gacha games, we’ve got Date a Live: Spirit Pledge. This 2D side scrolling fighting game comes with a twist – you can go on dates with your fighters. But really, the biggest twist here is that it’s actually a competent beat em up game. Every single fighter feels different and plays different.


Mobile games mentioned in the video (gacha games):

Darkfire Heroes
Soul of Eden
Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad
Shining Beyond
Kingdom of Heroes: Tactics War
One Punch Man: The Strongest
Goddess of Genesis
Romancing SaGa re;univerSe
Ragnarok Tactics
Hero Ball Z
Epic Summoners 2
Warbound Storm
Date a Live: Spirit Pledge
Tales of Crestoria
Guardian Tales
Fallout Shelter Online
Epic Odyssey
StoneAge World

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Tales of Crestoria
Fire Emblem Heroes
Genshin Impact

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