Check out these Top 5 Reasons To Get Hyped for GENSHIN IMPACT
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It doesn’t matter if you’re a fan or someone who’s new to Genshin Impact, you will still learn from this video 5 reasons why you should get excited for this upcoming free-to-play open-world RPG.

The World of Genshin Impact is full of life, adventure and many secrets left to uncover. On your journeys you will be able to hunt for dangerous world bosses to score some epic loot, meet wandering spirits who can lead you to various unexplored areas and, of course, open hundreds of scattered treasure chests all over the world.

The core foundation of Genshin Impact’s gameplay is the elemental combat system. While at first it may seem obvious that fire arrows sets enemies, well, on fire, you soon start to realize that by using a different character to shoot a ball of wind can quickly make the fire spread through other enemies and even set ablaze the grassy field along the way.

What’s better than an open world experience? A cast of unique characters that you can take on an adventure. Each one comes with various skills and strategies packed together.

Ready to test your skills and score some massive rewards? Spiral Abyss is a dungeon like no other – each month it shifts and changes, introducing new challenges and rules that will require you to either adapt to the landscape or die trying. Well, ok, maybe the last part is a little too dramatic.

Starting an adventure is always fun but what about preparing before it? There are plenty of different things you can do before you embark on a quest to slay a giant boss.
In every major town you will find alchemy tables, blacksmith anvils and cooking stations, all ready to be used for the greater good.

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