Check out these amazing gacha games – released in 2020!
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Remember, this list isn’t intended to be a “Best gacha games 2020” or “Top 10” or “Top Gacha Games” list, instead it’s a collection of new games that Gacha Gamer recommends, so far in 2020.

All of the mentioned mobile games which are rpg hero collectors that are available as free to play games on the ios app and android stores.

Arknights is the black sheep of gacha games. While the majority of developers are busy churning out turn-based strategy games, Arknights took a completely different approach by instead creating one of the most successful tower defense games on the market.

From the creators of mobile game Candy Crush comes Knighthood. It seems that making billions from a match three game is not enough for these guys, so they’ve decided to create another winning title, this time a gacha game.

The recipe to a successful gacha game has always been a strong intellectual property. Take a super popular anime show, put your favorite characters behind a gacha system and sprinkle turn-based gameplay on top. It couldn’t get more simple.

But while most of the developers are following this recipe to various degrees of success, 7 Deadly Sins is on a whole another level. It’s hard to believe a game of this caliber came out for mobile devices when at certain points it looks more of a console game.

Mobile games mentioned in the video (gacha games):

Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross
Exos Heroes
Final Fantasy Brave Exvius: War of the Visions
Guardian Tales
Romancing SaGa re;univerSe

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Music :
Genshin Impact
Dragalia Lost
Tales of Crestoria
Fire Emblem Heroes


We are in no way affiliated to the developers or publishers of the mentioned games. We use the audiovisual footage to create unique content that falls under the fair use rights.


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