Check out all these exciting gacha games coming out in September, 2020!
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All of the mentioned mobile games which are rpg hero collectors will be available as free to play games on the ios app and android stores. Genshin Impact is even more special in this list because its a cross platform game that you can play on PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC, along with iOS and Android devices.

Right off the bat, we’re starting off with the 2nd most hyped gacha game in this list and it’s Lord of Heroes.

So here’s what’s cool about this game: You don’t unlock characters in a traditional sense by using the gacha system. Instead, you can recruit (and sometimes buy) any of the characters available in the game. But there’s still a gacha system which is focused around equipment such as weapons and armor.

Genshin Impact

Can you feel the hype building up? Genshin Impact has finally been confirmed to come out on September 28th, 2020 and you could say that all of the games previously mentioned in this list are just snacks before the big meal.

And what’s not to like about Genshin Impact? Incredible soundtrack and beautiful graphics alone, the game just reeks of style that miHoyo have managed to capture so perfectly. What’s even more exciting is that Genshin Impact is going to be one of the first gacha games to be introduced into the mainstream world and not only that but it will also come as cross platform title.

Mobile games mentioned in the video (gacha games):

Genshin Impact
Final Fate TD
IDOLA Phantasy Star Saga
Sword Master Story
Lord of Heroes

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Tales of Crestoria
Genshin Impact
Dragalia Lost


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