Here are some hidden gems of gacha games you may have missed out in 2020.
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Get ready to discover new mobile gacha games that we consider to be the hidden gems of 2020. Mobile gaming as a whole gets a lot of new gacha game releases each month and only the top gacha games are discussed here on YouTube so we’ve decided to make a video that helps people discover new gacha games hidden gems. All of these mobile gacha games are available on android and ios app stores.

Mobile games mentioned in the video (gacha games):

Game of Dice
Soul Ark
Grand Chase
Utano Princesama: Shining Live
management lord of dungeons
cookie run ovenbreak
iron saga

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Sdorica Slums
Sdorica Chimera Blde
destiny child
honkai impact 3rd
tales of crestoria


We are in no way affiliated to the developers or publishers of the mentioned games. We use the audiovisual footage to create unique content that falls under the fair use rights.


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