Anime shows based on video games are getting increasingly popular. Here are 5 clues these gacha games are getting their own anime shows.
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In this video, we will show you 5 clues of why some of the most popular gacha games might be getting their own anime adaptations. Over the years, gacha games like Granblue Fantasy & Azur Lane received their own anime shows so to keep things exciting, we went detective mode to find out which of the gacha games could be getting their own anime.


Now the first gacha game that we believe could be getting its own anime show is Epic Seven. When it comes to impressive 2D animation and graphics – Epic Seven is hands down the winner here. What’s even more important is that Epic Seven also has a fleshed out storyline and characters so it’s hard to imagine why there is no anime adaptation already.


Arknights did what no other gacha game could – it combined tower defense gameplay with anime waifus.

What’s kind of interesting is that the publisher behind the JP and EN version of Arknights is Yostar. This is the same publisher that was involved with the production of Azur Lane’s anime show which is a gacha game that Yostar, well, is publisher of.

Honkai Impact 3rd

The publisher Mihoyo has got their hands full with the upcoming release of Genshin Impact but that shouldn’t stop them from making an anime show for Honkai Impact 3rd

Come to think of it, there’s actually a lot of animation already created for this game. From cooking shows to animated shorts – there’s enough interest from players to see their beloved Honkai Impact 3rd alive.

Dragalia Lost

You won’t find anyone who is more experienced than Cygames when it comes to turning a gacha game into its own anime show. Now, granted World Flipper is currently only available in Japan yet its still getting pretty good results from experimenting with anime + pinball gameplay. On the other hand, Dragalia Lost has been going pretty strong and generated over 120 million dollars of revenue since its initial release.

Fire Emblem Heroes

Brings us to the most elusive game in this video – Fire Emblem Heroes.

pulse pounding battle – sdorica
lobby music – epic seven
face – arknights
pas – honkai impact 3rd
『 流星都 _ INST VARIANT 』- Dragalia Lost
bgm map feh 4 – fire emblem heroes

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