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Today’s video is all about reviewing top 5 mobile gacha games that we believe will get a global English release. We guarantee that at least one of these gacha games will get you hyped.

We believe these gacha games coming to global quite soon because of how mobile games like Arknights got first released outside of global and then still got delivered worldwide.

Most of the top mobile games in this list are gacha games.

Gacha games in the video:

Disney: Twisted Wonderland
Punishing Gray Raven
Princess Connect! Re:Dive
KonoSuba! Fantastic Days

Sad Puppy – C U Dance
Sad Puppy – Found The Way
SINoALICE music by Keichii Okabe

Footage Used:

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We are in no way affiliated to the developers or publishers of the mentioned games. We use the audiovisual footage to create unique content that falls under the fair use rights.


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