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In this video, we take a look at top 10 mobile games that we consider to be similar to Summoners War. It’s undeniable that Summoners War mobile game is one of the most legendary hero collector games In the market but it never hurts to explore other options too!

The top gacha games we recommend like Summoners War are all available on both apple ios app store and google play store. These are the best gacha games and top mobile games you could be playing right now.

Mobile Games Seen In The Video (Gacha Games):

MARVEL Strike Force ► PLAY on PC ►
Calibria: Crystal Guardians ► PLAY on PC ►
M&M: Elemental Guardians ► PLAY on PC ►
Epic Seven ► PLAY on PC ►
Exos Heroes
Age of Magic
LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed
Monster Super League
Heir of Light
Saint Seiya Awakening

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Summoners War Music
SINoALICE music by Keichii Okabe
Tales of Crestoria Music

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