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In this video, you will discover all the mobile gacha games that got released during the month of July, 2020 and we will review them for you in a gacha tier list format.

Today we are taking a look at best mobile gacha games tier list July 2020. If you’re looking to play the top gacha games in July then keep watching this video. Best gacha games are always hard to find so we take a deep dive into this best gacha games tier list, where we discuss the top android gacha games aswell as ios gacha games.

You might be wondering what is a gacha game if you’re new. Well, gacha games are usually mobile gacha games that involve hero collecting (hero collectors) and another popular genre being idle rpg. In fact, a lot of gacha games are rpgs and so you can say that best gacha games are best rpgs on ios and android. These are free gacha games that are available for both android and ios. Top gacha games that you must watch and see

Gacha games in this tier list:

Epic Summoners 2
Lazy Master
Warbound Storm
Guardian Tales
Hero Ball Z
Date a Live: Spirit Pledge
Tales of Crestoria
Island Exorcism (SEA only)

Background animation (during SINoALICE segment) by: AA-VFX ,

SINoALICE musical score by Keiichi Okabe
Romancing saga
Tales of Crestoria music
Epic 7 music

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We are in no way affiliated to the developers or publishers of the mentioned games. We use the audiovisual footage to create unique content that falls under the fair use rights.


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