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Welcome to today’s video where we share with you all the essential tips and tricks in this Tales of Crestoria Guide for Beginners and experts alike! We tell you how Memoria Stones work in Tales of Crestoria, how to do Tales of Crestoria raid and even PvP!

From this video you will learn all the best advice needed to progress fast with all the Tales of Crestoria best ssr and tier list guides available.

Use Codex to determine which characters or Memoria Stones you want to level up

By going into the Tales of Crestoria Codex from the Menu, you will be able to check out every single Memoria Stone and Character that’s available in the game. What’s even better, you will see what they look like at max level and awakening. This will help you to determine if you want to pursue leveling them up.
For example. Yuri’s SSR stone at max level has really high DEF stat which means leveling it won’t actually boost your damage output by that much. On the other hand, Stahns Memoria Stone at max level provides a whopping 2550 ATK without any additional adornments. Stahn himself at max level has 3930 ATK so his memoria stone basically gives 65% of Stahns max level ATK.

Participate In Raids As Early As Possible
There are two energy systems in the game – AP and BP. AP is used for mostly any type of activity in the game, including starting your own raid whereas BP is used to give aid in other player raids. Think of BP as co-op energy points. Every time your account reaches a new rank, you get awarded 10 BP. Your BP stops regenerating only 10 points so go and aid in as many raid battles as possible. You will have a chance to earn valuable books to increase your character art skill levels and more importantly, you will gain materials required to ascend your characters which increases their max level.

The difference between starting your own raid and joining one is that you are guaranteed to receive at least once from the promised pool of rewards when starting your own raid whereas when aiding in raids, you could end up not getting any rewards. But you will always obtain some amount of Silver Medals which can be exchanged for SR Memoria Stones and other goodies.

Don’t Awaken Your Characters By Using Their Memoria Stones
It’s a little deceiving but you might have noticed that any time you go to Awaken tab of any character you are always able to awaken them if you obtained them. This is because you obtain character from their Memoria Stone. If you decide to awaken that character for the first time, you will consume their Memoria Stone and thus be left without the actual Memoria Stone which gives passive bonuses and raw stats. This is especially crucial because of how hard it is to obtain SSR Memoria Stones and its always better to use the character without awakening it once and keeping their Memoria stone to equip in the party or sub stone grid.

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