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Welcome to Romancing SaGa re;univerSe Equipment Guide – we will show you the best weapons and armor, how to evolve equipment efficiently, and where to farm each weapon, armor, gear, and accessory in Romancing SaGa re;univerSe.

Equipment Guide Intro
Let’s first take a quick look at each piece of equipment. Weapons will primarily boost your attack power. Armor will be crucial at reducing different types of damage and can be equipped by anybody. Gear will provide a specific advantage against a type of damage, for example, boots giving you increased defense against slash attacks and so on. And finally, accessories will give you resistance against status effects. Or it might also give stat bonuses. Sometimes, even both.

Equipment rarity or rank determines how many times you can evolve it. B rank equipment can be evolved only once, while SS rank can get evolved up to 4 times. Even though all of the equipment will provide stat boosts (or sometimes deduction) the most important thing you need to understand is that the biggest goal with equipment needs to be having a good defense.

Even though you can improve the offensive performance of your character’s style with weapons and such, it is more important for them to survive massive enemy attacks that come from utilizing and preparing against every battle with the right set of defensive equipment.

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Minsterl Song – Prelude of Battle
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Additional music used: Bensound

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