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In this video we share our top 5 reasons we’re hyped for the long-awaited SINoALICE global release. SINoALICE is coming to more than 100 countries with its global release on July 1st, 2020.

SINoALICE has lots of going for a game about fairy tales. Yoko Taro has done an amazing job fleshing out the dark fantasy world of this gacha RPG game. If you’re a new player then it’s best if you first read through all the FAQ before diving deep into the game. This guide will help you to understand everything there is about SINoALICE.

How do Guild Wars work in SINoALICE?
Guild Wars in SINoALICE are fought time real-time 15 v 15 battles. These 15 players are split into 5 frontline and 10 backline attackers. People who are in the backline cannot be targeted. However, that means their damage is reduced almost to 90% or even more but their main goal lies in healing and applying buffs and debuffs.

Winning these battles award you with coins. These coins are extremely important because they allow you to get rare resources.

If you are offline during the real-time battle, an AI takes your place. This also applies to if you get disconnected from the fight.

Wrapping Up
SINoALICE is a deep game that offers a small pool of characters with a gigantic pool of weapons for them. Characters themselves do not matter as much as the weapons and you need to build solid teams that utilize these weapons. A major focus of the game goes to Guild Wars and the game itself is quite grindy but features amazing artwork, beautiful music and, of course, the man himself – Yoko Taro who is behind such hits as Drakengard and NieR: Automata

Footage and OST used:
Wengweng – guild war battles
Tokyo Night Walk by A walk around the world https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j30tdH8GwxA
All OST from SINoALICE https://sinoalice.global/sub-launch/en-ost

We are not affiliated or endorsed by Pokelabo or Yoko Taro. All intellectual rights belong the rightful owners and the audiovisual media falls under fair use due to transformative work.

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