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On a surface level Goddess of Genesis looks like your typical anime hero collector. But after playing for few hours you start to see how it sets itself apart from other gacha games. And it’s easier to understand why when you learn that ZLONGAME is the same developer who had made Langrisser mobile – probably one of the best strategy mobile gacha games. But can we call Goddess of Genesis the best turn based RPG?

Goddess of Genesis is an engaging game with silky smooth graphics and a slew of interesting features. I’ve found myself playing the game constantly and had been having a great time without even paying a single penny. Some of the drawbacks like emotionless face expressions and the lack of voice acting made me question the game’s production quality but the rewarding gameplay and dopamine inducing progression systems managed to hook me right back into the game. If you’re a fan of hero collector games I would highly recommend to check this game out.

Goddess of Genesis Review has been done after playing for over 20 hours on a SEA server. This review covers gameplay, features and some areas that the game needs to improve upon.

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