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Welcome to Goddess of Genesis Tier List. We have played both closed beta (CBT) and open beta (OBT) and along with other veteran players have created this reliable tier list for all the players. If you’re new or don’t know which SSR heroes to reroll for or invest to, then keep reading this tier list.

Tier List Overview

Like every other gacha hero-collector mobile game out there – the strongest are usually the rarest. And Goddess of Genesis is no exception to this rule. When you’re starting out or rerolling, make sure to focus on getting the best SSR heroes. That isn’t to say that SR heroes are worse but spending resources to level heroes is time consuming when it comes to farming for them so consulting this tier list is a good way to making the right choice into which Goddess of Genesis SSR hero you want to invest to.

This tier list evaluates each hero both in PvP and PvE (story) content and then assigns them a tier based on the overall performance. Although, beating story mode in Goddess of Genesis isn’t really that challenging so for the most part, all the heroes in SS and S tier are usually there because they excel in PvP. In a sense, All of the SSR heroes in this tier list are great for using in story mode except for few and you won’t really get punished for investing into even a C tier hero.

This tier list will use the following tiers to evaluate heroes: C, A, B, S and SS tier.

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