You (Probably) Think Diluc Is Weak… BIG MISTAKE (Genshin Impact)

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Now that Diluc New Skin is finally out, I’ve been hearing a lot lately that Diluc is outdated or powercrept by Hu Tao (and to some extent Yoimiya). Well… I wanted to figure this out on my own and answer the question – is Diluc still good in 2022? I am going to dig deep and answer some questions like f2p diluc – is this even a real thing or Diluc vs Hu Tao.

Oh and I also, you’re probably wondering is Diluc skin worth it. Well, stick till the end of the video to find out!

Diluc new Skin called Red Dead of Night has been released in Genshin Impact 2.8
This is a 5-star outfit for Diluc (or diluc skin or diluc costume) and because of this new addition, I talk about Diluc dps and Diluc power level in the current meta.

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