Heizou Looks STRONG… But We Might Be WRONG About Him (Genshin Impact)

Heizou’s coming very soon in 2.8 and I wanted to quickly talk about his role!

Yet again, same old question but different topic – is Heizou better than Sucrose or Kazuha… or Venti? Well, no one can answer this question just yet 😀 However, I do wanna mention a couple of things I am excited about, mainly, the possible Heizou build that I am thinking of right now and some of the best Heizou teams I expect to see once Genshin Impact 2.8 update arrives.

I also briefly mention Genshin Impact 2.8 banners Kazuha and Klee , discuss whether Heizou is worth it or Kazuha is worth it and then also quickly cover some stuff about Heizou dps and Heizou support builds.

To be honest, from all the Anemo we have so far, Heizou is actually going to be pretty unique because we used to think of Anemo as this supporting element but it’s also usually something that you can bring to the table like crowd control or healing, however, it looks like Heizou DPS is just… well, pure DPS Heizou and nothing else. If Heizou damage is the only thing that matters here – can something be done about it instead of the usual route we go for when using Anemo characters?

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